Life Insurance Complications for the Otherwise Alive.

A delightful post-living / living couple (or "mixed marriage") came into my office not too long ago with a pretty serious problem. As usual, it was an insurance company up to no good. Jack (his name has been changed) had been a high-powered executive for many years. As part of his duties in protecting and providing for his family, Jack purchased appropriate insurance products - auto, home, and, yes, life insurance. The problems Back in his ...

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Did you Know… The Government is Afraid of Zombies?

Posted on May 23, 2014

Zombies Should be Embraced by Today's Society The otherwise-alive are have lived  (mostly) peacefully among us for centuries.  However, the current media sensibility that zombies are "bad" or "dangerous" leads to  a general attitude of hopeless negativism towards the presence of those of an alternative non-lifestyle.  It's bad enough that movies, books, and the media in general is anti-zombie.  Now that the Pentagon has decided to go ...

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Know Your Zombies: A Practical Guide

Zombies are Like Everybody Else Sure, we've all seen the inflammatory movies with the shambling "evil" zombie mindlessly chasing after the desperate hero figures. But is such a portrayal really accurate? There are so many portrayals of zombies today, and so many media references to zombies that it's hard to know where the truth is. What is a "Zombie?" The otherwise-alive, or to use the derogative term, "zombies" are people like you and me! ...

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Zombie Divorce: You’ve Tried to Work it Out… But He’s Still a Flesh Eating Zombie

They say that when the dead rise from their graves, the living will fill those coffins, but I wholeheartedly disagree. This isn’t an apocalyptic matter by any means. If anything, it’s just a matter of paperwork. At the end of the day, zombies and humans need to find a way to live in harmony. Of course, edged weapons will do the job in most cases, but sometimes there are more complex methods that end in messy litigation (with a great deal ...

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Zombie divorce lawyer

Is Murder Still A Crime?

As the owner of a large criminal defense firm, I have been practicing law since before the undead had rights. I actually supported the “Understanding the Undead” movement and wrote a legal treatise entitled, “You Can’t Undo Undead.” Every day I fight for the rights of the living and ...

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Gerald Nesbitt, esq. Divorce Lawyer

Personal Injury Law and Zombies.

Posted on January 30, 2014

You've probably been overwhelmed, as we have, by the incredible volume of ads on TV today focused on getting you to make "one call" to the big injury firm in town. You can't help but feel the sleaze oozing out of the screen. But what you don't see very often is the TV ad for those who have specifically been injured by a zombie. A normal "nuff said" lawyer would simply toss the case in the trash. Injury law involving zombies is doubly complex. ...

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“YOLO” the cry of the oppressive pro-living agenda.

Posted on October 30, 2013

My facebook feed is overwhelmed with teenagers, talking vapidly about nothing, and using the hashtag #YOLO with disdain. What does YOLO mean? It stands for "You Only Live Once." You only live once? ONCE? This blatant insensitivity towards the post-living and otherwise-alive populations serves only to deepen the cultural divides. We need more sensitivity. We can't just flippantly drop a comment like "YOLO" even if it's become its own ...

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