About Us

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Chet Johnson, esq.

Our History

In the early 1800s, Chet Johnson formed a successful law practice in Baltimore. After retirement and an uncomfortable accosting from a local zombie, Chet found himself with an abundance of time on his hands and a business opportunity. He re-opened his practice and Zombie Law was born.

In the centuries since, Zombie Law has grown to include over 20 senior senior partners. In addition to that, Zombie Law has dozens of associate attorneys with the skills needed to represent their clients in any area of law. We’ve handled a huge variety of cases, from the smallest of property disputes, to representing clients in enormous class-action cases such as pursuing compensation for the FBI violence used on peaceful undead protesters in the 70s during the famous Lurch on the Capital for Zombie Rights.

The practice originally only represented the undead in court. In the early 1900’s, however, we began representing the living in court cases which involved zombies, zombie activities, or other supernatural circumstances (except werewolf related crimes due to jurisdictional complications).

Our Office

We find most people want to know what our office environment is like before they are willing to come in. Well, our office is a lot like yours. We do have a few differences, but most things you wouldn’t notice. For example, our cleaning staff is very active, making sure no errant body parts linger too long on the floors.

Most offices have a separate conference room where we can meet with you if you’d rather not enter the areas with multiple zombie lawyers. We understand our altered life status can cause concern.

In general hordes are kept to a minimum, and we schedule living and ex-living clients on opposite days for your comfort and convenience.

Our Skills

Gerald Nesbitt

Gerald Nesbitt, esq.
Divorce Lawyer

Our team is dedicated to the idea that all beings have rights, whether people or not, whether living or otherwise. Our staff, while mostly normal, enthusiastic, living humans and zombies, also includes a number of accounting vampires, computer expert trolls, paralegal mummies, and our inspector specter. We’re all united in our goal – to help you get justice.

We’ve successfully closed cases in the areas of business law, estate law, bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal law, probate, immigration, and more. In fact, if you have a legal need and we can’t meet it, we’ll convert your living flesh to eternally undead for free.

We’re proud of who and what we are. We’re happy to take a slightly lurching stand for you. Don’t hesitate to call.


If you have questions please email Brains@InjuredByAZombie.com and one of our horde will get back to you immediately. If you’d like to write for Zombie Law, please send your blog post or other submission to Brains@InjuredByAZombie.com